Our Vision

The New Hampshire Garden Railway Society, Inc. is a publicly supported New Hampshire charity for the purpose of educating the general public and its members to promote enthusiasm for large-scale model railroading hobby, with particular emphasis on garden railways, their design, construction, operation and maintenance, and the history of the actual railways depicted and represented in scale models. 

Being a charitable organization, the Corporation also supports other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

The Corporation’s goal is designed to educate and promote the opportunity, for anyone to enjoy the model railroad hobby, developing interest, enthusiasm, knowledge, and an understanding of railways and modeling them. The Corporation stimulates an appreciation of the industrial and technological heritage that was integral to the building of railways through the model railroad hobby. The Corporation is built on core beliefs of:

  • Building community
  • Providing excitement in learning 
  • Unleashing creativity 
  • Teaching important technical skills
  • Stressing “hands-on” learning



Our Mission

The New Hampshire Garden Railway Corporation’s primary mission is to educate and promote the growth of the large-scale model train hobby to include garden railroading and an awareness of the history of railways. The Corporation provides hands-on training that educates and allows the opportunity for the public to learn the skills associated with the hobby. Educating the public on large scale model railroading is done by attending and hosting events where model railways are displayed and relates these models to the railways and historical eras that are depicted.


Our Culture

The New Hampshire Garden Railway Society Corporation’s directors and members are a hybrid group of railroad inquisitive enthusiasts and modelers.

The Corporation is an inclusive organization that values diversity, equality, and a willingness to work together to promote the model railroad hobby and railroad history that is represented in the models. 

All of the varied railroad interests and experiences contribute to a fascinating, collaborative, energetic group of people that learn from each other, support each other, and just plain have fun together. 

Our culture statement guides our Board of Directors, officers and members in their actions, priorities, and decisions along with the Vision and Mission statements.