Building Standard LS modules

The NHGRS Big Green Module layout is built up using standard modules.


First up is the standard 4 Ft Module


Note that the standard 4′ mod ule is not actually 4′  For historic reasons it is actually only 47 3/8” long. Why?    The original LS modul standards were designed to use LGB 10610C 1200mm track sections.

Today some members build 4 ft. modules or 6ft straight modules.  Note: if you choose to build a module that does not follow the standard please let your module coordinator know as spacers may be required to fit it into the larger layout.  In addition many me mbers are building modules that have a depth greater then 30” to accommodate more room for scenery or yard tracks.

Curved modules have evolved over the years.  Original corners were designed to use LBG 1600mm (4 ft. radius) curves. Today the use of larger locomotives and 86 ft. passenger cars makes larger curves necessary.

To facilitate this and also to create corner modules that have more flexibility a new standard corner module was designed.  Designing these these as 22.5 degree modules allows for a large variety of module shapes to be designed